Our business is to write, and we do it right!

Maurinews  is a business-friendly  team of creative minds, sharing a strong passion for writing, in all its forms. It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but behind the pen there should be a strong mind. A mind that churns out ideas, words and styles to convey your messages...

Relax! Let us think and write for you.

We specialise in writing and writing

Our team of writers, editors and researchers are fully committed to deliver words that speak for themselves,  that will move the immovable, motivate the lethargic, and challenge the underutilised mind...

"You can make anything by writing."
--C.S. Lewis

Our promise

Maurinews has three core values being Professional, Friendly and Proactive. Everything we do encompasses our values, ensuring we are proactively reasonable and therefore accountable in our actions.

Our services

Maurinews acts as a one-stop agency for all your writing needs, whether to devise a simple business tagline, to carve a speech that captures your audience, to prepare a business project, to edit your web content, or to produce quality reports based on enhanced research on any topic, be it economics, politics, academic, society, business, financial, marketing, etc. Just relax, leave all your worries to us, and let us think and write for you. We save you time, money and energy.

We specialise in both English and French. Other languages available on request.

Maurinews offers the following services:

–        Editing services

–        Translation

–        Article writing

–        Feature writing and Case Study

–        Freelance journalism work

–        Investigative journalism

–        Advertorial and Press Release

–        Speech writing

–        Report writing

–        Academic writing

–        Web content writing

–        White Papers, Policy Papers

–        Newsletter, periodical, magazine

–        Promotional text for leaflet, flyer, brochure, etc

–        Business slogan, tagline, marketing catchphrase, copy writing etc

–        Research work (social, economic, academic, legal, etc)

–        Business plan, market survey, opinion poll, etc

–        Business/Economic/Financial research, analysis and reports

–        Human Resource Management issues

–        Website development, logo creation, graphic design

–        3D Modelling and renders

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